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Our Review

If you have ever seen one of those ugly, wire-frame kettle tippers you’ll probably appreciate how good this product is.  The Uccello kettle tipper brings a modern feel to this kind of product.  The old style of kettle tipper worked well enough, but boy was it ugly and you had to have a special kind of kettle.

The power lead is fixed to the tipper so the kettle is free to be removed without dragging around the power chord when filling the kettle.  The Uccello kettle tipper will be an excellent addition to the home of anyone who suffers from any kind of dexterity problem, especially issues such as arthritis.

The kettle itself looks deceptively small however it holds 1.5 litres of water.  The smooth pouring action takes the weight of the kettle away from the user and is totally safe for those who cannot hold a kettle while pouring.

The Uccello cannot be described as a quick boil kettle, but it is certainly not the slowest kettle I ever seen.

The overall opinion is that this is a safe, good looking kettle tipper that will be a massive benefit to anyone who suffers with problem hands or even vision problems.


  • Attractive, modern design

  • Large capacity kettle

  • A great help for anyone with arthritis or dexterity problems


  • A little more expensive than other kettle tippers

  • Not the fastest boil kettle ever