Mobility Scooter Cape Review

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The universal size mobility scooter cape is made from nylon and is waterproof to protect against rain.  It features a see through clear window so you can clearly see the controls of the scooter.

The cape has a built in hood to keep your hair dry should the heavens open.  Admittedly not the most attractive design in the world, but as I have said before, I go for function over looks, plus I am not too sure how they could make it look any better.

We recommend keeping the cape in the basket of the scooter so you have it handy should the rain catch you out.  The universal size mobility scooter cape also doubles as a mobility scooter tiller cover to protect the controls of the scooter from water.

As part of our test we tried this cape with four different sized scooters, the only issue we found was with scooters with rear baskets.  On some mobility scooters, the rear basket inferferes with the fitting of the cape.

I found the cape to be very well made and well capable of standing up-to heavy rain and wind.   Some people have said that clear window is not the easiest to see through especially when wet, however I would say that it is not a great idea to be looking at the controls when you are driving.  Keep your eyes on the road!

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  • Good price

  • Well made

  • Universal fit


  • Not the most attractive

  • See through window can be hard to see through in certain conditions