Welcome to my review of the top 4 upright walkers available on the market today!

Before we get into the pros and cons of each walker, I want to discuss a bit about my experience working with people who use upright walkers, and why I think they’re so important.

But first, a quick run down as to what an upright walker actually is!

What Is An Upright Walker?

An upright walker, also known as a Stand Up Walker or an Upright Rollator, is a walking aid that helps the elderly or people with disabilities walk around independently. 

They typically come with a frame, four wheels, and a foldable seat so that the user can take a rest at any time – similar to a standard rollator. 

The main difference between an upright walker and a standard walker or rollator is the positioning of it’s handles.

An upright walker has handles that are placed higher than those on a rollator. These handles are usually accompanied by an elbow cushion, allowing the user to rest their entire arm on the walker for support as they walk around.

This higher positioning means that the user can stand upright as they walk around, unlike a standard rollator which can often cause the user to hunch over. This can have a massive impact on the user’s posture and overall physical wellbeing.

elderly person using upright walker

Benefits of an Upright Walker

While I personally don’t need an upright walker to move around (yet!), I’ve been working with the elderly for over a decade and have seen first hand the benefits that upright walkers can provide. 

The change in posture from slightly hunched over to upright can help reduce strain on the upper body, lessen pain from arthritis or poor posture, ease breathing difficulties and help correct poor gait.

It also encourages the user to look forward, rather than down to the ground, which further reduces strain on the back and neck and helps improve confidence when walking.

The extra support that an upright walker provides around the forearms can significantly reduce pressure on wrists, making it a great option for those who have arthritis or pain in this area (or discomfort in their wrists when they use a standard rollator). 

This extra support also helps the user feel more sturdy and secure when walking, which gives them more confidence and independence, which is ultimately what a walker is all about!

Should You Choose An Upright Walker or a Standard Rollator?

Of course, there are pros and cons to everything, and while an upright walker is a great option, it still may not be the right pick for you.

Here are a few of the main factors to consider when deciding between an upright walker and a standard rollator:

  • Posture and Strain

As mentioned above, upright walkers generally promote better posture and reduced strain than a standard 4 wheel walker.

  • Stability

An upright walker provides more stability than a standard rollator. As a general rule, upright walkers are better for people who need moderate to high stability needs, and rollators are good for low to moderate needs. 

  • Weight

Upright walkers tend to be more heavy than standard 4 wheel rollators. If the user has severely restricted strength or mobility, they might be too difficult to manoeuvre around.

  • Compactability

As upright walkers are larger than rollators, a rollator will tend to fold down to a more compact size. It would be worth checking the folded dimensions of an upright walker before purchasing to ensure it will fit in your car boot or home storage space, if this is important to you.

  • Price

Upright walkers tend to be a tad more expensive than standard rollators, however this extra investment could be worth it for you depending on your needs.

As a general rule, if you’re unsure what kind of mobility aid is right for you, always consult your healthcare professional first!

Now let’s take a closer look at the top 4 upright walkers available today.

The Top 4 Upright Walkers Are:

  1. Helavo Upright Walker with Seat (Most affordable option)
  2. LifeWalker UpWalker Lite (Best for those with restricted stability or strength)
  3. OasisSpace Original Upright Walker (Best for tall or short users)
  4. Mobilex Tiger Plus Forearm Walker (Best for heavier users)

Upright Walkers Comparison Table

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Helavo Upright Walker LifeWalker UPWalker OasisSpace Upright Walker Mobilex Forearm Walker
Product Image
Max Height 120cm Unknown - suitable for users between 4'7" and 5'10" tall 122cm 120cm
Min Height 104cm Unknown - suitable for users between 4'7" and 5'10" tall 99cm 95cm
Foldable Yes Yes Unconfirmed, I believe yes Yes
Item Weight 10kg 7kg 12kg 9.5kg
Max User Weight 135kg 135kg 135kg 150kg
Seat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backrest Yes Yes Yes No
Bag Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year standard, can be extended to 3 years Lifetime for walker frame, 6 month for non-durable components 1 year manufacturer's guarantee Unconfirmed, I believe 2 years
Price $ $$$$ $$ $$$
Purchase Option View Best Price View Best Price View Best Price View Best Price

Now let’s take a closer look at my top 4 favourite upright walkers available today!

Upright Walkers: Detailed Reviews of my Top 4

Helavo Upright Walker

helavo upright walker

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If you want a cheap but reliable upright walker that gets the job done, I think the Helavo is an excellent option.

The price of this model is unbelievably affordable, but despite that, it’s not missing any of the important features I’d expect on an upright walker, such as folding capabilities, height adjustable handles, and a seat and backrest.

I also love that it’s got a cupholder, allowing the user to drink on the go!

The main drawback of this model, however, is that the seat is quite small, coming in at an inch less in length than the other models reviewed in this article.

If a comfortable seat is important to you, I would suggest considering some of the other upright walkers I talk about here. 

If it’s not so important, and you want to save a bit (or a lot!) of money, I would highly recommend the Helavo!

UpWalker Lite Original Upright Walker

upwalker lite upright walker

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If you have significantly reduced strength or stability, and rely heavily on your walker to move around, I think the LifeWalker is the right option for you.

This model is the lightest upright walker reviewed in this article. At only 7kg, it’s over 2kg lighter than the next lightest model. 

These 2kgs can make a massive difference in the strength required to move this walker around, making it a great option for those with little strength in their arms or core. 

The LifeWalker is also one of the few upright walkers ISO certified for safety, which I personally think is a certification that more walkers should carry.

This model is also a great option for shorter users. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the exact specifications of it’s height, however it’s suitable for users who are 4’7” or taller, which I feel would encompass most people. 

There is no hiding that the LifeWalker is expensive. However, I personally believe there’s no point purchasing a cheaper model if it won’t fully support the user. 

In this case, if the user (be it yourself or a loved one) really has restricted strength or mobility, I think the investment in a lightweight, reliable walker is well worth it – and hence the LifeWalker would be my recommendation.

OasisSpace Original Upright Walker

oasis space upright walker

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The OasisSpace is another affordable, standard, reliable upright walker that I think deserves a mention in this review. 

It’s the second most affordable upright walker in this review after the Helavo. However, it does offer a larger range in height. 

If you were looking at the Helavo but realised it would be just that bit too tall or too short for you, the OasisSpace might be the perfect alternative to provide a height that’s just right without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately it’s listing was unclear whether it’s foldable or not, however for the price I would be shocked if it doesn’t come with folding capabilities. I will be keeping an eye on this listing for any updates on this specification.

Mobilex Tiger Plus Forearm Walker

mobilex tiger forearm walker

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There are two main reasons why I would recommend the Mobilex over the other models of upright walkers reviewed in this article.

The first is that it’s got the highest max user weight limit by 15kgs. This makes it the best option for heavier users.

The second is that, despite this high max user weight limit, it’s still quite a lightweight walker. 

This makes it a good option for those who have limited strength and stability, but perhaps don’t need an upright walker quite as light as the LifeWalker (and perhaps don’t want to spend that much money either!).

Yes, the Mobilex is the second most expensive upright walker reviewed in this article, but I think if you’re looking for a walker that satisfies one or both of the requirements above, spending a touch more money to get a model that fully meets your needs is a worthwhile investment!

Upright Walkers: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you decide if an upright walker is for you.

As you can see, there are many different models on the market, all catering to different needs that the user may have.

Hopefully you have been able to find the right model for your specific needs.

If you don’t think an upright walker is right for you, check out our other walking aid reviews here.