Photo of andrewHello, I’m Andrew, the founder and primary writer for this website.

Looking around several online disability shops I noticed that there were some really overpriced, poor quality mobility products. Furthermore, many of these sites just copy and paste the product descriptions from the supplier.

I put this site together to highlight some of the better products that are available putting an emphasis on quality over price.

Being in contact with the products on a daily basis I am able to fully review them honestly and recommend the best mobility products.  What I didn’t want to do it just make a long list of cheap, low quality mobility aids.  What you will find here is a collection of high quality disability aids that also happen to be available for a reasonable price.

Mobility aids can make a real difference to someones life, bringing them independence and most of all increasing confidence.   The common belief that disability aids are just for the elderly is just not true, these products can help a wide range of people.

In the majority of cases in my experience it the children or grandchildren of elderly or disabled people who purchase mobility aids for their relatives.

I have looked at some of the most popular disability aids on Amazon and fully reviewed them.  Starting with a goal of having 5 products in each category, the site has quickly grown.

Finally, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has emailed me to comment on my product reviews and posting my recommended mobility aids.

We have put together several lists of the best mobility aids on the market.  Check out our lists of the best walkers, best recliner chairs, best transit wheelchairs, best self propelled wheelchairs, best upright walkers, and best leather riser recliner chairs