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Welcome to my website, Shop Disability!

I take the stress out of finding your perfect mobility aid by providing detailed reviews of a range of mobility products and brands.

I draw on my 8 years of experience as an aged and disability support worker and mobility aid consultant to pinpoint the pros and cons of each product and provide easy to read summaries and comparisons.

My reviews always feature the best products in a category, however I also include a range of features, styles and price points to help you find the most suitable and best value product for your needs.

Whether you’re a person who is suffering from mobility issues, a family member or carer of someone who needs additional mobility support, or perhaps you just want to know what mobility aids are out there, I’ve got you covered.

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How I select the mobility products reviewed on this website

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In case we haven’t met, hi, I’m Andrew! I’m the creator of Shop Disability and, as mentioned above, I’ve got years of experience working with mobility aids.

I put this website together because I want to share my knowledge with you, and help you find the right mobility aid without any stress or hassle.

I only talk about products on this website after I’ve meticulously researched, tested, assessed and compared them with other products on the market.

Key components I look for are design features, component materials, functionality, safety, durability, comfort and value for money.

I also consider how useful a product is, whether it’s been designed with the user in mind, and how good I think the user experience is.

If a product doesn’t meet my strict standards, I won’t recommend it in this website.

I hope my website makes finding a the right mobility aid quick and easy for you!

You can find out more about me and my story here!

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